Denver Country Club & 7th Avenue Historic District – February 2014

Denver Country Club Real Estate Market - Feb 2014

A market with only 3 months of inventory is still is a market that is very favorable to sellers who are pricing their properties aggressively and successfully. This is the first time in a long time we’ve had only 3 months!

It’s still too early to tell if we’ll return to the bidding war scenarios we saw pre-Holiday. You never know, when the buyers will “spring.” We may see a return of those bidding wars. However our recent closings did not show over-asking prices.

Thankfully, I have the best resources for almost all issues. This week it was all about “qualified mortgages” and multi-unit permitting. The really fun one was a past client looking into organic gardening..wants to grow tobacco. Hmmm, just getting ready for Spring.

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