Denver Country Club Real Estate

(including 7th Avenue Historic District)

January-March, 2014

 Denver Country Club Real Estate Market - March 2014

Last quarter Denver Country Club real estate experienced some interesting shifts, compared to the end of 2013.

Active Listings

From Jan-Mar, 2014 there were 78 active listings (34% less than Oct-Dec, 2013). That’s almost half of the inventory we had last year at this time (from Jan-Mar, 2013 there were 145 active listings).

Sold Homes

The amount of sold homes have remained quite steady. 24 homes sold during Jan-Mar, 2014, only two less than the previous quarter. In Jan-Mar, 2013 there were 25 closings.

Days on the Market

Listings were on the market for an average of 110 days, 20% more than the previous quarter. That’s also a considerable increase compared to Jan-Mar, 2013, when properties averaged only 37 days.

Average Sales Price

Last quarter homes sold for an average $897,583. That’s 28% less than Oct-Dec, 2013 when the price averaged $1,238,642. However the average price at this time last year was almost the same: $899,596.

This is a very opportune time for buyers and sellers to take advantage of the Denver Country Club real estate. Being a professional I’m watching the market on a daily basis. So if your goal is to get the best return on your home, I’m happy to provide clarification and direction. To find the right home, I will help you navigate the market with my expertise.


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