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Owning a home in one of the many Denver historic districts can be a wonderful experience. Enjoying a piece of our city’s history is special. In some cases when you buy a home in a historical neighborhood or district, you can take advantage of financial incentives offered from local, state and/or federal government associations.

Here’s a quick look at a few Denver historic neighborhoods found in our lovely city.

Denver Historic Districts


6th Avenue Parkway

This beautiful neighborhood starts at Quebec Street and extends onward for 25 blocks. The homes in 6th Avenue Parkway come in many styles, including Mediterranean, French Chateau and more.

Alamo Placita

This lovely area was developed in the 1860’s, deeming it one of the oldest Denver historic neighborhoods. Some of the first homes and buildings built in Alamo Placita provide a true reflection of the Victorian era.

Denver Country Club

This area has a unique character and stretches across First Avenue. Featuring one of the finest country clubs in the nation, the Denver Country Club neighborhood is definitely an area that is perfect for raising a family. I provide monthly reports about the market.

Historic 7th Avenue District

Denver is full of parks, and the Historic 7th Avenue District holds three of them. Built in the late 1800s and early 1900s, this neighborhood reflects both history and beauty at its finest. You can see market updates at my blog.

Humboldt Street

Sitting on the west end of Cheesman Park, the Humboldt Street Historic District was one of the first designated areas among Denver historic districts.

Morgan’s Subdivision

Including parts of Race St., Vine St., and Gaylord St., the Morgan’s Subdivision Historic District stretches down East 9th Avenue and includes some of the most beautiful homes in the Denver historic districts.

Speer Boulevard

Built between 1906 and 1918, Speer Boulevard extends for one mile and conveys both community involvement and political leadership at its best. George Kessler designed the neighborhood as well as the Saco D. DeBoer district.

If you are looking for insights into owning or selling a home in one of the Denver historic districts (such as remodeling, market updates and etc), check out my blog.


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