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Morgan’s Addition

Denver Historic Neighborhoods

Located between Josephine and Race on the east and west boundaries and between 8th and 9th avenues on the south and north, Morgan’s Addition is nestled among a number of Denver historic neighborhoods. It is a small, serene community containing about 60 large, attractive homes and is close to the world renowned Denver Botanic Gardens. Residents love this neighborhood for a variety of reasons.

Walkability, Peace, and Safety

Many of Denver’s long term prominent citizens chose to build homes in Morgan’s Addition during the 1900s. It was an attractive area where they could escape the heavy smog of downtown Denver. Now over a century old, the Morgan’s Avenue is a highly desirable neighborhood that offers a fabulous quality of life.

Morgan’s Addition isn’t a through neighborhood, so therefore, traffic is very light. It is situated between Cheesman and Congress park, offering wonderful opportunities to be outdoors and enjoy events. Residents frequently walk to 6th Avenue to local favorites like Novo Coffee, Fruition and Table 6.

A True Sense of Community

As in other Denver historic neighborhoods, residents tend to be long term. The average home turnover in Morgan’s Addition is between 20 and 25 years, so residents know one another well. They have a strong, active homeowner’s association which hold well-attended events on a regular basis, such as an annual Christmas party.

Well-Built, Attractive Homes

The homes themselves are attractive, solidly built, and include features such as frescoed ceilings. Typical to Denver historic neighborhoods, the lots are large with stately trees and other mature landscaping. The entire picture is one of peaceful prosperity. Homes in Morgan’s Addition carry a price tag of seven figures. Many of the homes were designed and built during the turn of the last century by Denver’s notable architects.

Overall, Morgan’s Addition is one of our best Denver historic neighborhoods.


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Pat Ayers
Denver Historic Neighborhoods

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